A physical puzzle [solved]


I am a DIY tinkerer who just move to Espoo from France and regret nothing. Beautiful place, nice interactions, I found people quite helpful. I do a bit of woodworking, a bit of electronics (mainly arduino), and love to discover new things.

I went once to the Hacklab of Helsinki and was impressed by the place. I was a bit overwhelmed because most of the discussion were in Finnish and my Finnish level is non existent, so I just sit down in a corner observing. I didn’t want to pry and force people to switch to English. I guess I was a bit shy. I’ll try to come back next tuesday and be a bit more outgoing.

My puzzle :
I bought a bed from Kierrätyskeskus. I just forgot that I have a spiral staircase… and it physically cannot fit.

Of course, the bed is made with nails and staples, so hard to dismantle – at least reversibly.

I have multiple solutions :

  • Dismantle and curse while trying to put it back together
  • Remove a few steps from the stair (the stair is inside my apartment). They are fastened with screw, but I couldn’t do it with a screwdriver. I was a bit afraid of stripping the screws…
  • Give it away, and build my own bed.
  • Ask a few people to come, offer them pizza or equivalent, and lift with them the bed 3m to the balcony. I have nowhere to hang a winch, so it might not be the most reasonable idea.

Do you have any input ?

tl;dr A dumb French bought a bed to big to fit in his apartment, and hope to exchange food with help.

Edit : Ended removing half the steps. Everything is good.