Community2 2015-01-07

community meeting, every first Wednesday of month, at around 1900.


  • cleaning up the place
  • investments?
  • new toolscordless drill, good one, (~120€? or more?)
  • yleismittari (vähemmän kiinalainen)
  • electronics cables (0.5mm²+++ ->)
  • soldering iron? //DONE (loan one)
  • set of small and weird screwdrivers (phone repair kit)
  • more transparent plastic boxes? //DONE
  • more small parts organizers?need still
  • Community status
    • Member count 10
    • We need mailinglist (-server) as is now unusable.admins cannot add members to list//DONE new list now sponsored by
  • 3D-scanner -project
  • Courses (what to organize)
  • electronics (olmari)
  • openscad intro (kengu)
  • circuit board drawing/planning, eagle/kicad( Thomas + ??, xx.x) needed for 3D-scanner PoE
  • energy harvesting (blaku) & Wireless sensors (timpuri)
  • Lohenpyrstöliitos / woodworking (Tomas) proper use of circular saw, band saw, …
  • wearable electronics (mikeful)
  • DONE quadcopter theme evening (Thomas, 24.9. )
  • Monetary issues
  • storage fee?
  • Future plans
  • landlord is willing to step down partially on the usage of his workshop (the
    wood side) and thus we should then “take over” or by other means make
    sure the workshop in total is feasible in economic calculations.
  • “vaasan verstas” - puutyöt
  • We need more members to be able to pay more
  • sitouttaminen, joku projekti heti työn alle, esim. ovi/automaation laajennus
  • automaation näytöt, lämpötila seinälle, muuta “turhaa” dataa seinälle/infonäyttö
  • draw a diagram - mikefulli
  • Electronics club at UVA, under Tutti.
  • Working web irc,
  • timpuri
  • ? ?