Community3 2015-05-06


community meeting, every first Wednesday of month, at around 1900.

  • cleaning up the place

  • moving to a new place?

  • requirements?

  • do we have to be able to have laser cutter, cnc-router, … bigger tools

  • need?

  • someday we will need to move as the building will be no more!more space -> grab a part of woodworking side?

  • price now “100€”

  • location what is good in palosaari? what are other suitable locations

  • one possible location°05’17.1"N+21°35’02.0"E/@63.088072,21.583902,516m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=enmembers

  • about 30% car / 70% bike - maybe needs survey

  • key management possibilities. private door for us to deal with lock is the best. all other are then not that good.

  • fume extraction possibilities

  • make some noise

  • kitchen

  • toilet

  • investments?

  • new tools

    • cordless drill, good one, (~120€? or more?)there is not a good small one (39,90€)
    • yleismittari (vähemmän kiinalainen)electronics cables (0.5mm²+++ ->)we have some, so not urgent need atm
    • set of small and weird screwdrivers (phone repair kit)
  • Community status

    • Member count17 (2015)
    • mailing list count 42
  • 3D-scanner -project

  • We have 30pcs of Raspberry 2 B+ + camera modules

  • we have PoE switch

  • we have PoE-shieds coming

  • mounts for pis and cameras

  • cabling

  • lighting

  • Courses (what to organize)

  • also,

  • electronics (olmari)

  • oscilloscope intro (??)

  • openscad intro (kengu)

  • circuit board drawing/planning, eagle/kicad( Thomas + ??, xx.x)needed for 3D-scanner PoE

  • fritzing (??)

  • energy harvesting (blaku) & Wireless sensors (timpuri)

  • Lohenpyrstöliitos / woodworking (Tomas L)proper use of circular saw, band saw, …

  • wearable electronics (mikeful)

  • DONE quadcopter theme evening (Thomas, 24.9. )

  • Monetary issues

    • storage fee/woodworking fee?
      • to distinguish the general monthly fee from the “other side works”
      • idea is to figure out why we have projects on the other side and how much we
        are willing to pay for the woodworking possibility / storage
      • a woodworking/storage fee of 10€/m2/month of larger or longer projects?
      • figure out how much we like the “other side”. How much we are willing to pay of the woodworking or the storage on the other side
      • like two different montly payment options, one to use mainly the woodworking
        side and other to use mainly the other tools.
      • Of course it is not that strict and absolute but it affects the plans on future. e.g. should we
        have the woodworking in the future also or should we just “drop it”.this is difficult to explain but the reasons for this are in next bullet
  • Future plans

    • landlord is willing to step down partially on the usage of his workshop (the
      wood side) and thus we should then “take over” or by other means make
      sure the workshop in total is feasible in economic calculations.“vaasan verstas” - puutyöt
    • We need more members to be able to pay more
    • sitouttaminen, joku projekti heti työn alle, esim. ovi/automaation laajennusautomaation näytöt, lämpötila seinälle, muuta “turhaa” dataa seinälle/infonäyttödraw a diagram - mikefulli
  • FUUG funding ideas

    • More general tools
    • Bigger laser cutter
    • Electronic construction kits for beginners
  • Electronics club at UVA, under Tutti.

  • Working web irc, timpuri

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