Community8 2016-05-04

Community Meeting #8

Regular community meeting of Vaasa Hacklab Wednesday 2016-05-04 @ 1930
Something along these lines. Feel free to add topics


  • community meeting, every first Wednesday of month, at around 1900.

Upcoming interesting events

  • 3D-scanner gathering on Thursdays @ 17:00
  • HSF 16½ coming on around 10.6.2016 @Helsinki Hacklab
  • registration is already open @
  • 12.5. Vaasa Lennokkikerho @ Fanny-talo
  • 21.5. Air combat, klo 11, Vaasan lentokenttä

NASA SpaceApps Challenge

  • Järjestettiin, oli kivaa. Oltiin Pohjalaisessa ja Vasa Bladetissa.
  • Etukäteen juttua myös Iltasanomissa
  • More hacklab & hackathon marketing needed for future purposes.
  • Great co-operation with MUOVA.

Newpapers to be stored somewhere. Phjysical ones at the moment in a box somewhere. domain has been reserved

Status of wood workshop?

  • domain has been reserved.
  • Charlotta has a few idea-drafts for the logo. Discussion to continue in telegram/IRC
  • More promotion needed for wood workshop. Printed material to be considered.
  • Slow progress at organizing the woodworkshop. Can do more.
  • Hoping to get more electricity(hardware) to wood work side. Installing is not a problem.
  • Multipage webpage system to be checked.

Courses (what to organize)

  • Lists of previous courses to website. List of course reports etc.
  • A separate page for courses?
  • Wordpress event registration system to be taken into use instead of TITO?
  • Course interest system?
  • Feedback/survey system - happy or not type of feedback?
  • See

Community status

  • Member count
  • 39 (2015/37)
  • mailing list count
  • ??around60

Hacklab t-shirts

  • T-shirt weather is about to come. T-shirts are needed.
  • text on both sides, front: hacklab logo. back:
  • printmotor (?)
  • nobody took the responsibility yet. Volunteer is still missing.

Idea: Hacklab book swap box

  • “Leave a book = take a book”
  • Box next to door maybe

New flyer?

  • A proposal for our new flyer has been on the whiteboard for a while. Still waiting.
  • What do we want our new flyer to say and look like?

Insurance needs for the Hacklab? In case of robbery, fire, vastuuvakuutus?

  • Palo-, oikeusturva, varkaus?
  • Ryhmätapaturma

Future plans

  • Place for member tools, John’s workplace basement as a source of closet?

  • Storage policy

  • Bonk rotation already in active use.

  • Blogpost about this topic?

  • “Do Not Hack” tagging projects

  • Make sure the workshop in total is feasible in economic calculations.

  • Branding “Vaasan verstas” -puutyöt -> new blog

  • Info display (mikeful)


Membership management (Noobidoo)

Status: Grant applications?
Miika, Thomas, Sami, Anders

Monetary issues

  • Holviin puuverstas/hacklab -erottelu, prosentti?
  • a woodworking/storage fee of 10€/m2/month of larger or longer projects?


  • Status? ATM not changed
  • How to make Anvia interested to sponsor fiber to us, like to VES in same building?

Status 3D-scanner -project?

  • mounts for pis and cameras
  • needs rj45 cabling (there is some now, enough?)
  • needs lighting
  • noobidoo
  • needs a nVidia (CUDA)
  • 3d-scanner gathering on Thursdays @17