Disobey 2019 badge workshop @ Helsinki Hacklab 2018-12-08 10:00->

Disobey organism and Helsinki Hacklab present you a great change to pre-enjoy the event already beforehand while ruining your change to take part in the cracking challenge.

 !!! OBS !!! HUOM !!! ACHTUNG !!!
 If you take part in badge activities,
 you  are not eligible for the
 Disobey 2019 challenge
 !!! OBS !!! HUOM !!! ACHTUNG !!!

The mostly populated PCBs are here and need a few hand soldered components. These are mostly easy peasy through hole stuff that was too expensive to have assembled at the board house. Add to that the nice soldering stations at the lab, we expect this to run smoothly and be mostly a chatty enjoyable experience for even new soldering learners and veterans will enjoy the Metcal/Thermaltronics feel.

The badges need flashing too and of course we wish to test each one to fix all duds.

We’ll order food for all parttakers or maybe walk to the nice nearby Thai place or something. Point is, you’ll be fed somehow.

Hi all!

First of all thanks to all today’s helpers, first n badges were assembled and pizza was eaten.

We’re continuing tomorrow 2018-12-09 10:00 so anybody interested just come to the rear downstairs backdoor of Takkatie 18 and ask: “Onks Viljoo näkyny?”.

!!! OBS !!! HAHAHA GOTCHA !!! Something I totally forgot to mention…

While you may loose the possibility of gaining a cool hacker badge, workshop workers get even cooler volunteer badge essentially saying every onlooker that you actually sweated your ass off a bit so that everybody can have fun.

Thanks already in advance for anybody showing up tomorrow.

- t

Updates, updates!

The badge assembly workshop is to be repeated next weekend 2018-12-15 - 2018-12-16 starting at 10:00 both mornings. We estimate to end at around 19 or so, depending on when we feel the work quality is about to go down the drain.

Thanks again <3 - t