Fast PCB prototyping and assembly in Finland

Hi everyone,

Do you know any quick PCB prototyping/assembly services in Finland?

The same question for 3D printing/CNC/silicon mould prototyping. Any good suppliers?

Thank you!

People have had good experiences with, I’m pretty sure they do talk english if you call them :slight_smile: for 3D printing i’ve always just used shapeways (except that one time when I got a coupon for free print from someplace I can’t find the contact info at the moment for).

Depending on the CNC milling job, we might be able to do one at Helsinki Hacklab (not that we officially offer any services but exceptions can be made), almost next door there’s a specialist machining company but I have never used them or asked for a quote.

Do you have any professional/expensive services in mind?
I am looking of a really small pitch BGA SMT and thin PCBs with buried vias and so on… can handle lot’s of things and at least they can recommend someone else if they can’t