Free SIGFOX dev kits and technology coaching in Otaniemi Nov. 11th

Hi from Hardware Startup Finland ry!

Sorry for advertising, but we arrange a free workshop for makers together with SIGFOX next week and thought some of you might be interested in joining. SIGFOX builds the worlds first global cellular network dedicated to Internet of Things.

SIGFOX Maker Tour takes place on the 10th of November from 2pm to 8pm in Espoo (Aalto Design Factory @Betonimiehenkuja 5). We hand-pick 20-30 makers (preferably with electronics etc. background) interested in SIGFOX to join the event. Participants will enjoy presentations and demo from the SIGFOX coaches (incl. Head of Startup Relations), tech workshops, food and drinks with the crew. And you get to bring home your own SIGFOX dev kit, definitely among the first people in Finland.

Since the space (and kits) are limited, let us know why you (or your friend) should get to attend. So, a description of your skills, link to Github etc is a good add-in. Send email to if you want in!

The snootlab radio is quite noisy, tons of harmonics

Raw data, recorded with rad1o (HackRF One clone) 8MSp/s HW freq 868181600Hz

The waterfall spectrograms and the capture are from the dev board repeatedly sending “Hello world!” message, the radio protocol has some sort of message counter and “proprietary” hashing for message integrity, @ojousima has more info since he was actually there.