French National Event - Creative Hub, Third places, Fablabs, Hacklabs

Hi, my name is Théo, I’m French and I’m working in France Tiers-Lieux, a national association which is a Hub for all the French creative labs, fablabs, hackles, and third place

The french « National Agency Agence Nationale of Terrirories’s Cohesion » is supporting the development of third-place networks and is organising an international meeting of third-places and local stakeholders networks for September 2022. The event will bring together several hundred actors from European countries and the OECD to present how these dynamics are organized, how they support local production, cultural expression and new forms of citizenship. The objective, beyond the creation of this international network, is to conduct comparative approaches, to propose the development of appropriate public actions and policies, and to value the researches conducted within these fields…

We have taken account to your work and your expertise on these topics, so we are pleased to invite you to participate in the process of configuration and animation of this meeting.

Is it possible to have a contact (email contact) of one of the people working at the hacklab?
Thank you so much

Théo (

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