Hyvinkää hacklab meetup group


Brand new member, I am new ish to Finland and live in Hyvinkää. I am currently looking at building from scratch a Prusa MK3 3d printer clone and and currently in the research stage. I have no previous 3d printer experience but I have CNC router experience from a previous scratch build in New Zealand but unfortunately had to part with my machine for my move. So I am pretty confident I will have a machine up and running in time.

The reason for this post: today I went looking for a nearby makerspace as I have been keeping my eye out locally for one but was yet to find one :frowning: perhaps one day… But in the mean time I would like to propose a solution for this lacking in Hyvinkää if there is interest… I will make a local Hyvinkää meetup (on meetup.com) inviting people to join me in my build side by side. I am happy to share my research and plans for a machine and we can purchase similar items etc. Or perhaps there is a better way? Suggestions? Active Facebook groups?

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the acceptance into the group


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Hi! Hacklab.fi is here to help you :smiley: