Laser cutter course


Will there be more courses on how to use the laser cutter in the future?



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Yes, definitely. The last one was recently so it may take a couple of weeks but there will be one in the near future.

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Terveisin Jarmo Pääkkö, puh 041 36 22 567.

Sorry, I did not realise this went unanswered. That is great to know. Is there an email list I could sign up to in order to find out about the next course?



No email list, but there’s probably going to be announcement on our Slack as well as here on discourse. You should be able to set discourse to send you emails about updates.

I’m also interested to learn how to use the laser cutter. I will definitely join if there will be a course on this. I have used normal engraving machines but I have never used a laser one.

Tänään (23.4.) laserkoulutusta taas klo 18. Pahoittelut lyhyestä varoitusajasta.
Laser course today at 18. Sorry for the short warning.

Jees, minä tulen paikalle isäni kanssa (myös jäsen) opettelamaan laserin käyttöä.:sunglasses: