Laser scanners and drones - Part-time tinkerer needed


We are Silvere, a startup working with remote sensing of forests using a mix of sensors with LiDAR-scanners at the core. We already have working solutions both for UAV:s and backpacks. USo far we have created the first payload prototypes ourselves, but now we would need some help. We tend to come up with ideas for improvements every now and then, not to mention that we sometimes break things in the forest.

We expect that your input would be needed anything from a few hours to a few days per month. We would naturally pay for your time!

The suitable candidate should be able to work on both electronics (mainly the power supply) as well as the physical components (mounting, housing etc.). As we already are doing quite a lot of field work, we would need someone who is able to free up time for us on relatively short notice and is available for remote support during normal working hours.

If you happen to be good at programming (think Python, Raspberry etc.) there are opportunities for this as well, but it is not a must.

Our office is in the center of Helsinki, but we have very limited possibilities to do actual work on site as we are in a normal office.

Don’t be shy - reach out to us on if you are interested or just curious.

Mats von Weissenberg
Technology Development Team lead