LoRaWAN workshop, 2017.03.11

Vitaly from http://everynet.com/ (the guys who gave us the gateway we have at the lab) would be willing to hold a workshop about all things LoRa at the lab, we just need to figure out a good time together.

So starting the thread so we can figure out which weekends are no good and if there’s any interest.

I’m away 24-26th of Feb and 3-5th of March, Easter is also out.

I’m definitely interested in. All my weekends in near future are sold and the first possibly available one is 11-12.3. Easter and the following weekend (Model-Expo) are gone too.

Yes. Very interested! Model Expo weekend is already double-booked, but others before it mostly ok. 11-12.3 ok for me as well.


+1 for interest

Sure I’m in! I’ve got 2 LoPys and 2 Dragino Lora/GPS HATs for Raspberry Pi and I really want to try them out in a good company.

11.-12.3. is ok for me too. Can we lock the date so I can ask the date free from home? :slight_smile:

Any new plans with this LoRaWan workshop? Ping @rambo.

Haven’t gotten details hammered out with Vitaly yet, in other news ST is organizing one in April http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/about/events/events.html/lorawan-hands-on-workshop-with-stm32.html

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Hi everyone, I am Vitaly from Everynet :slight_smile:

As I understand weekends are more preferable.

I can do March 4-5 or maybe March 11-12 depends on my workload.

Any suggestions?

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March 4-5 is impossible for me, so let’s lock March 11-12 for this.

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March 11-12 is also only possible for me.

I thought I replied here, I talked with @vkleban out-of-band and we agreed on March 11-12 already a while back (I did remember to update the title it seems, though…)

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Ok! I guess the place is Helsinki Hacklab / Pitäjänmäki? And the schedule will appear somewhere some day? :slight_smile:

Any news about the time and agenda, @rambo, @vkleban?


I have no idea on time, guess @rambo will lead this.

For the agenda I propose the following topics:

  • LoRaWAN introduction and protocol
  • Available LoRaWAN devices and use-cases
  • Getting started with Everynet proof of concept kit

Of course, it will be followed by open discussion.

Will it be enough?

I am open.

At Takkatie 18 and I guess we’d start at 12 as usual for the weekend workshops. I guess on Saturday afternoon we’ll know if we need to come back on Sunday to continue.

Sounds good! See you at Hacklab Saturday 2017-03-11T12:00:00 EET.

May I advertise this elsewhere?

Sure, more the merrier :slight_smile:

I assume this event is not canceled, @rambo @vkleban? I’ll arrive to Hacklab at 11:45 or so.

At least I am here :slight_smile:

Many thanks, so workshop participants that want personal credentials to Everynet cloud (to add your own applications and devices without pestering me about it :slight_smile: ) you can use https://my.everynet.com/#frontend/register

I have access to the cloud so I can add your applications and devices the the cloud meanwhile.

Edit: my test code:
- Application https://github.com/rambo/everynet_lora_server_test
- Device https://github.com/rambo/pymeetup20170125_talk/tree/master/lopy_test