Makerspace Florida USA 2015


I went to Makerspace at Florida and got in touch with the leader of the place.

Took some pictures:

They are more heavy hardware oriented.

I do not know if Helsinki Hacklab is classified under makerspaces, I guess so. In US I think some makerspaces are with more high-end devices. This one was quite laid back, but still monthly fee is 90 USD and people are quite serious doing their projects, which is good I think. I would prefer somewhat doing oriented and open community.

Things had some sort of order.

Does this raise any thoughts in you versus giving insight how should hacklab be organized? I like the serious but on the other hand laid back attitude in here.

3D-printer is one signature of a makerspace, it makes a lot of sense because it is insane that everybody would buy same lousy printer to home. Why not buy a better one and together. There was also a 3D printer in this place.

I had no idea that maker movement started here:

They told me that this is the case.

I wonder if maker movement is still on the raise of on the fall.

You can answer in Finnish, if you want.

At Finland I have ended up being quite uninvolved in Helsinki Hacklab due to the growing size of my family and map point being even more far away than that of temmihoo.