Making a Horna, ZF style

Horna as in old finnish word for hell, this thing will burn hot as hell, good for disposing all kinds of incerable waste.

Remember to have a respirator that actually filter gases too or you’ll get some horrible lung injury from the paint and oil residue that will smoke and smoulder during this project, simple particle filter will not save you…

Step 1, “aquire” two empty steel oil drums. Make sure you have some way of separating oil from water.

Step 2, fill them 1/4th way up with water, add some car shampoo to help get rid of the oil residue, close and roll around librerally.

Step 3, while the surfaces are still wet use angle grinder to cut the top faces off, pour the oily water crap to your oil-separation system, then get rid of the bottom too.

Waste not, want not. Use your cutting wheels to their fullest potential.

We’ll have the stuff burning on three furnace beds of increasing density.

Only the highest ZF grade welds approved (prep work, cleaning up ? LOL… you must be new here…)

It’s less work to do the highest density bed if you have something like this laying around, brazed in few spots to help with cutting to shape.

Add a few pieces to help the top drum stay on top.

Since this is an important structural part I cleared the paint away, for slightly less atrocious welds, still well withing the ZF quality standards.

Cut doors for airflow (keep the flanges, they help guide more air in than just a hole)

Tadah!, Majestic as fsck.

When the wind is not pushing too hard one can see that the flame is rotating in “fire tornado” fashion, this could be amplified by making small vertical cuts and using a hammer to create directional air-vents to the barrel bodies.