Residency for Finnish artists and makers in the UK

Tämmöstä tuli hallituslistalle Helsingissä (meni varmaan muillekin läbeille)

I’d like to share an opportunity that I think might be of interest to people who use the Hacklab. It’s for a funded artist/maker residency at Lighthouse in Brighton, UK.

Would you be able to share this with your members and network?

There are full details of the call, which closes soon, on April 17, here:

Lighthouse is a contemporary culture agency, and we’re particularly interested in reaching out to the maker community in Finland, as we work a lot in this area. And we have some special interests, which may give you some useful pointers about current areas of work for us (though applicants from outside these fields are also welcome):

    • Robotics and prosthetics, adaptive design and body/sensory augmentation
    • Open source design for hardware and physical products
    • Visual design, interaction, and software engines for games
    • Sound design and music for film, games and other media

Thanks for your time, and I hope this is of interest.

All the best,

Andrew Sleigh | 07870 908 217 | @andrewsleigh