TehnoHack 2015, Tallinn Oct 30 - Nov 1 | Project idea deadline Oct 14

It seems TehnoHack is going to be organized this year too, I was there last year with @jautero and @chadez, it was fun, check out http://discourse.hacklab.fi/t/tehnohack-after-action-report/125

Edit: This text is probably more descriptive to first-timers (the other one was sent to me directly since I participated last year)

Dear hackerspace,

We are organizing from October 30th to November 1st this autumn’s biggest
hardware hackathon that brings together innovative idea authors with
hardware and software engineers. The goal is to build a functional device
from the idea during a weekend. Each idea will get a 4 to 6 member team,
that needs to build the first prototype. Everybody has a chance to propose
an idea for building until October 14th. Event mentors will choose the best
ideas that will be built during the weekend. Event takes place in Tallinn
University of Technology’s Mektory building, 15 Raja Street, Tallinn,

It does not matter which skills you have – everybody, who wants to build
something, is welcome. We are waiting for people from students to high-end
engineers. Extremely welcome are start-up entrepreneurs and their ideas.
Feel free also to participate if you have just some hobby project…
Skeemipesa will involve its mentors to the event, who help to build the
devices with both their skills and advice. Mektory offers its modern
machinery – 3D printers, CNC-milling machines, soldering and measurement
tools, computers. Several presenters give additional value to the event.
Skeemipesa is able to sponsor hardware project building on event in an
amount of at least 200 euros.

There are also several awards for best projects. The best idea gets a
chance to go to Estonian TV show, where it is possible to get a award in
amount of 60 000 euros. We are sending also two teams to Junction
hackathon, which is taking place in Helsinki at the beginning of November.
One most promising team gets an opportunity to go to Slush. Slush is the
largest start-up entrepreneur event in Nordic countries that takes place
from November 11th to 12th in Helsinki.

Please have a look to event webpage at http://skeemipesa.ee/tehnohack/en/.
Feel free to participate and share the information.

Best regards,
Tanel Kerstna
MTÜ Skeemipesa