TehnoHack 2017, 27 – 29 Oct. Tallinn

Hello co-hackerspace,

We are writing from Estonian hackerspace Skeemipesa. We are organizing one of the largest Baltic hardware and software hackathon TehnoHack on 27 – 29 October in Tallinn, Estonia. It brings together innovative idea authors with hardware and software engineers.

TehnoHack’s goal is to build a functional device from the idea during a weekend – is it a minidrone, smart mirror, flexible thermometer, smart birdnest or something else. With cooperation of Estonian power distribution enterprise Elektrilevi we have also this year Smart City track for innovative ideas that help to shape our future living environment.

This year’s event has a great 5500 euro award fund. Best ideas will also get financial support for buying prototyping components up to 200 euros.

We are waiting for people from students to high-end engineers. Extremely welcome are start-up enterpreneus and their ideas. Feel free also to participate if you have just some hobby project. All other hackerspace members are welcome to Tallinn at the end of October 2017.

Each idea will get a 4 to 8 member team that needs to build the first protoype. Everybody has a chance to propose an idea for building until October 11 at http://www.tehnohack.ee/en/. Registration without idea is open until October 23. It does not matter which skills you have – everybody, who wants to build something, is welcome.

Event takes place in Tallinn University of Technology Mektory centre, 15 Raja Street, Tallinn, Estonia.

Register already today at http://www.tehnohack.ee/en

Best regards,
Heigo Mõlder
tel: +372 526 4992

Tanel Kerstna
tel: +372 516 9995

e-post: info@skeemipesa.ee

Olisi tarvetta kehittää kaikenlaista uutta jäsentietojärjestelmä asylumiin. TehnoHack voisi olla yksi mahdollinen paikka lähteä edistämään asiaa. Tärkeintä olisi saada säännöllisten maksujen keräämiseen uusia keinoja (esim. Stripe, Braintree tms.).