Woodturning Basics: Wednesday, 18:00 March 7th 2018 (In English)


This is a basic woodturning course that goes over the practical side of how to do woodturning on the lathe. It also covers the necessary safely precautions that need to be taken into notice when operating a lathe as well as some differences between metalworking and woodworking lathes. No previous knowledge of machining or woodworking is required.

The course takes from one to two hours and consists of:

  • Going over essential safely instructions
  • Setting up the lathe
  • Preparing and securing stock
  • Overview of woodturning tools and how to use them
  • Basic operations on the lathe
  • Cleanup

After the lecture, attendees are invited to try out woodturning under supervision. This is a great chance to get some hands-on experience so I’d recommend reserving an extra hour for this.

Woodturning generates some dust and wood chips/splinters so please be prepared with clothing that is can get dirty. If you have long hair or a long beard, please tie it down as all loose appendages are a safety risk (same goes for loose clothing).

The woodworking room is relatively warm (roughly 21℃) so wearing a t-shirt when operating the lathe is recommended.


Great, I have put the date in my calendar.
Thanks, James



Thanks a lot, I will do my best to attend. Would it starts at 18.00?

Thank you,


Yes, we’ll start at 18:00. I forgot to add it to the title, I’ll add it there.


I’m also interested, thanks!


I’m intereted, so I try to delegate some tasks to someone other that I can join ya!


Sounds good. Count me in. :slight_smile:


Hei, here is a topic discussing about English CNC course.


Thanks again for the instructive course!

If you plan on giving an additional course on turning bowl-like things … I would be interested. :slight_smile: