Disobey 2019 Hacker Village 1st meeting: Thursday, 2018-11-01 1630ish ->

Hi all disobeyants!

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!!! 2018-11-01 16:30 EEST meeting in Helsinki Hacklab
!!! Takkatie 18, 00370 Helsinki
!!! https://helsinki.hacklab.fi/tila/tilan_esittely/
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I have been appointed by the highest powers to call upon all folks interested in doing whatever we to wish and decide that will result in Hacker Village being part of Disobey 2019 on 2019-01-11 - 2019-01-12. We need all kinds of people with various skills so just being interested is enough reason to come see what gives or not.

This is your (not the only) change to join the organism making Disobey events. Free entrance and nutrition is available during the actual event in exchange for a determined time slot(s) of doing (self) appointed tasks.

None of this is very determined, except that chaos will be present. You can be chaotic or lawful, doesn’t matter, we’ll invent something interesting for everyone.

The venue is Kaapelitehdas, Merikaapelihalli, which is a long long tall hall. Our slot of land to conquer and rule is next to workshops and judges and the hacking cracking all-colour-hats action.

Things I’m hoping to discuss:

  • any art installations or other attention gathering stuff?
  • anybody want to make a workshop or be instructing the fresh apprentices?
  • special tools to bring or avoid
  • soldering heck yeah!
  • handing out flyers and trying to lure suspects into our trap
  • dress uncode - do we create a sub-badge with SAO?
  • party hats
  • scheduling, always scheduling
  • keeping track of

Hoping to see you all there - t

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I’m interested, but not able to attend to the first meeting due to other duties. But count me in.

  • Tuulis

Hi all

Some things have been chatted about and I thought it good to mention here.

Modular synths. Custom very good art display systems. Network equipment. Workshops, training. Attention gathering. Keeping our stuff ours.

Modular synthesizers and oscillograms bring joy to many souls and are nice to quickly put together. Communicating variables via analogue signal has its good sides as well as bad sides from infosec point of view. An analog system system is much more rigid in its possibilities even when signal injection succeeds, limiting the impact of a security breach.

Not to mention the great and prestigious and ultrahypermegacool (also very bright) display system Valtava led matriisi1 made by Depili and Mangelis. The system ranked second in the Assembly 2018 wild compo. In Disobey 2019 the system is split into 16 individual modules and spread around the venue. These are controlled via sending network traffic using a published API. Content for this system can and should be created before and during the event.

We will have our own 48-port switch of PoE and whichever VLAN configuration we want. This comes with a system of some embedded lighting devices and is designed to be used for network traffic visualisation. Workshops on the topic of network traffic can easily be hosted, as well as beginner hands on training. Yes, this means I’m bringing in the doll house. I can be persuaded not to.

We’d like to have some amount of free ranging around in the event gathering attention handing out flyers and loot, telling everyone to pop by our things.

Property damage and security has been topic of mention. We need to dedicate an area to act as our own semi-backstage, where only named people are allowed. This is where valuable equipment can be left on the table. Someone will be keeping attention. Someone will also nag about the mess, but the stuff will be there.

We need to make a shift roster for the duration of event for being the floating eye and for being instructor of things.

  • t

edit: add link to Valtava led matriisi