Disobey 2019 Hacker Village planning

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This topic is for all kinds of fast and slow discussion related to Disobey 2019 event and how Hacklab.fi is going to be present. Actual meetings and such will get their separate topics for and are to be linked here. This first post will be re-edited to keep current.

Before the event we’re going to do some preparations such as building the last minute builds and making sure we have nice toys and swag and all. We also need to fill a duty roster for the event duration. The document storage will be linked to in here.

In addition to these preparations, two workshops are arranged by the Disobey organism at Helsinki Hacklab to gather all the merch and badges and t-shirts and the like into paper bags. This is not strictly a Hacklab.fi activity but a wonderful co-operative effort.

--------------- PREPARATIONS
2018-11-01 thursday 1st planning meeting

2018-11-30 friday Badge workshop 1
2018-12-01 saturday Badge workshop 1
2018-12-02 sunday Badge workshop 1

2018-12-07 friday Badge workshop 2
2018-12-08 saturday Badge workshop 2
2018-12-09 sunday Badge workshop 2

--------------- EVENT
2019-01-10 thursday build day
2019-01-11 friday event day
2019-01-12 saturday event day
2019-01-13 sunday dismantling day - brunch
--------------- EVENT

2019-01-14 - lets get the stuff packed back into their places
2019-01- - beer, food, sauna, something
2019-02- - HSF19


1st planning meeting: Disobey 2019 Hacker Village 1st meeting: Thursday, 2018-11-01 1630ish ->



Sad news everyone! Our allotted place in the sun is a bit smaller than previously thought but the location is just excellent.

We have enough privacy so that we can blinken the lichts and zoot the horns while big stage has action.

Next up on the preparations are gathering in one spot everything we wish to bring with us.

We’ll make a list as we decide and pack. Lets also mark everything.

So, everybody wanting to enlist in being part of the Hacker Village please list yourselves up by replying to this thread and leave your email address here.

2019-01-02 EDIT: add asking the email

Tulossa: Tuulis > tuula.pihlajamaa@gmail.com

Is there more detailed schedule for the building day (Thursday 10th)?

Posting on hehalf of a friend (and me)


I’ll try to make a MD list of us volunteers and all the nakkilista as well on the first post of this thread.

Next tuesday 2019-01-08 will be more or less last point at which any changes of plans can be considered. Not that there is a rigid plan, but still. Build officially begins at wednesday and it is best if we are not in Kaapelitehdas then but getting more ready at the lab.

I can dedicate most of my time from now until end of event for the event so I’ll be posting more often and spending time at the lab hacking and packing and ditching some plans that have not come to fruit.

ok. I’m able to involve if needed at Sunday 6th after noon (after return from summer cottage if not blown away by storm). And Tuesday 8th after 4pm is ok to me.

I’ve got my own (supporter) tickets but can hang around at the hacker village.

Will be there, also made some badges in the first workshop

I haven’t been really had time to be much involved due to work pressure, but I’m interested and I can probably loan a couple of pieces of music hardware (modular is still in pieces sadly). dronir@iki.fi

dta@dta.fi / mostly doing my own thing but helped when needed last year+spread info about hacklab.fi; will do again

I’ll be at the lab today and tomorrow from noon-ish-ish until whenever.

Monday 9-15, Tuesday 9ish-late, Wednesday-Sunday a lot.

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P.S. today noon-ish is when I can drive out of the driveway, so at the lab maybe 13-14something

I need to reschedule my today’s visit to Hacklab to be rather short at 14-15 or therebouts. I’ll naturally be most of Tuesday either at the lab or on a shopping run.

I’ll be hanging some Disobey related notes on the electronics room whiteboard and some things will be taped panther colour with text DISOBEY-2019.

Roughly the plan is just to haul some parts of the lab to Kaapelitehdas on Wednesday and Thursday, then do Interesting Stuff while sitting on display as The Public Animal. We have also been enlisted in helping repair broken badges and have a badge-modding-shop.

Since we work on do-ocracy basis, I’m not going to plan what exactly who will be doing when so please just jump in doing either stuff you see that needs a doer or stuff you like to do, preferably both.

I’ll come to Hacklab Tue after 4 pm. If LittleBits Sound stuff is a good idea (like https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1103687-REG/korg_littlebits_synth_kit.html), I’ll have 5 kits to bring with me to use at stand - if there is room for noise :smiley:
Would it be possible to add a bt-gadget (and reasonable to make) so sounds could be hearable on earphone?
EDIT: typo

If possible I can join the table on Saturday and cleanup on Sunday. The banner I ordered has arrived today and more stickers maybe later this week, so we have some PR/deco stuff ready. I’ve been too busy networking with Finnish infosec groups in 3C35 so I didn’t participate in any planning. There are some plans that Disobey would want to bring these groups, hacklabs and such together more closely.

All help is welcome, thank you <3

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I remember volunteering for some kind of duty.

One more volunteer, antti.lehtonen@iki.fi sat/sun

Hi all

The window to enlist is closed, I sent email to people that enlisted in here.

It might be possible to still enlist for volunteering directly to Disobey organism. Check for openings at http://signup.com/go/huFkCVe if you’re interested. This is not Hacker Village specific.