Disobey 2019 Hacker Village planning


Hi all

This topic is for all kinds of fast and slow discussion related to Disobey 2019 event and how Hacklab.fi is going to be present. Actual meetings and such will get their separate topics for and are to be linked here. This first post will be re-edited to keep current.

Before the event we’re going to do some preparations such as building the last minute builds and making sure we have nice toys and swag and all. We also need to fill a duty roster for the event duration. The document storage will be linked to in here.

In addition to these preparations, two workshops are arranged by the Disobey organism at Helsinki Hacklab to gather all the merch and badges and t-shirts and the like into paper bags. This is not strictly a Hacklab.fi activity but a wonderful co-operative effort.

--------------- PREPARATIONS
2018-11-01 thursday 1st planning meeting

2018-11-30 friday Badge workshop 1
2018-12-01 saturday Badge workshop 1
2018-12-02 sunday Badge workshop 1

2018-12-07 friday Badge workshop 2
2018-12-08 saturday Badge workshop 2
2018-12-09 sunday Badge workshop 2

--------------- EVENT
2019-01-10 thursday build day
2019-01-11 friday event day
2019-01-12 saturday event day
2019-01-13 sunday dismantling day - brunch
--------------- EVENT

2019-01-14 - lets get the stuff packed back into their places
2019-01- - beer, food, sauna, something
2019-02- - HSF19


1st planning meeting: Disobey 2019 Hacker Village 1st meeting: Thursday, 2018-11-01 1630ish ->